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Big Bad Wolf


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About Client.

The Big Bad Wolf is Asia’s largest event for book lovers.

They offer visitors the opportunity to purchase books at heavy discounts for the limited duration of the event which is held at one of Thailand’s largest event centers.

This year, they wanted to top the attendance of previous year events.

The Challenge.

The Platform Integrated Agency and Connect crafted an O2O campaign that brides the gap between their above the line and digital campaigns.

Prior to the event, Platform used past year data to reach the most loyal and high value customers.

Once the custom audiences had been created, we amplified their effect and reached more people who are likely to go to the event.


With the help of Platform, the event was a huge success.

Over 7 million books were sold across the 10 days of the event’s duration.

Attendance was up 25% compared to the previous year with over 400,000 attendees visiting the event.

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